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BGS's Interview process is a dialogue, designed to help us get to know each other. Here's what to expect

Case Interview Tips

  • Listen to the interviewer and ask questions.
  • Don't rush into the analysis without developing an understanding of the problem.
  • Structure the problem and develop a framework.
  • Focus on high-impact issues.
  • Think before speaking.
  • Generate a hypothesis and explore options creatively.
  • Don't stick to an artificial framework.
  • Demonstrate business judgment.
  • Make quick and accurate calculations.
  • Synthesize your thoughts and draw conclusions from your analysis.
  • Don't panic if the answer is not apparent.
  • Don't defend your solution at all costs.
  • Be transparent about your thought process.
  • Don't circulate cases or use advance knowledge.
  • Engage with your interviewer and be yourself.